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Cleansing or detoxing essentially refers to the filtering and removal of toxic compounds from the body. Although our bodies detoxify naturally each and every day, in today’s modern world we are constantly exposed to toxins which can cause our bodies to become overloaded and unable to sufficiently detoxify. The environmental toxins we are exposed to include plastic residues, solvents, cleaning products, beauty products, engine fumes and air pollution.

In addition, the typical Western diet is largely made up of processed foods and refined carbohydrates that can hugely congest our systems. I’m sure you try to eat well most of the time, but even basic healthy foods can be nutrient depleted and contain pesticide residues.

Under these circumstances, our body’s detoxification ability is hindered and unable to efficiently cleanse the tissues and organs, which can cause an imbalance in the body.

Common symptoms of toxic overload include:

• coated tongue

• dark circles around the eyes

• headaches

• chronic fatigue

• constipation

• flatulence

• belching

• skin rashes and/or hives

• allergies

• frequent infections

• red itchy eyes

• inability to lose weight

• fatty liver

• indigestion

Due to this regular toxin exposure, it is ideal to do a Cleanse a minimum of twice a year. Cleansing twice a year prevents critical mass toxin overload and can reduce the risk of cancer and obesity. Popular times to do a Cleanse are Spring and Autumn. Spring cleansing gets you body confident for Summer while Autumn cleansing prepares your body for the cooler temperatures when metabolism tends to slow down. An Autumn Cleanse also has the added benefit of reducing winter weight gain and sluggishness.

More than ever, your body is in strong need for a coping mechanism that can fight off the chemical/toxin onslaught. One way or other, those health hazarding toxins, environmental pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals, carcinogens, chemicals, and allergens find their ways into our body thorough direct touch, food consumption, inhalation, or by some other means.

Chronic pain, skin problems, male sterility female infertility, Detoxification, Physical & Physiological issues.

The prime target of Hijama/ Wet Cupping is always the immune system and removal of inflammation, lactic acid, uric acid, heavy metals, chemicals, common cold, bad energies, gases, fatigue and stress, regardless what diseases might need to be targeted. May it be detoxification, gastric disorders, infertility, muscular pain, aches, migraines, depression or gout. Unless a person's immune system is not boosted, anxiety stress and fatigue is addressed, restoring your life Energy Qi and Chi.

There isn't much to expect in terms of positive results.

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